Yalinga writing and consulting ab


Yalinga writing and consulting ab

Here below is the document in detail. Obote, Thank the heavens!

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We wish you the best of luck, and long live our dear son. Lead the people of Uganda with dignity and at the same time as per the norms of the Langi culture. We have taken it upon ourselves to study the different regions and peoples of Uganda with the aim of finding out what the different tribes think and do.

We have also got feedback from fellow Langi who work in different regions of Uganda but have now returned back to Lira, on how ready they are to give you advice on how best you can rule Uganda. In its entirety, here below is our advice: First of all, the Langi were mistreated by the British colonialists and, after the departure of the British after attaining independence, all the tribes of Uganda despised us.

We had very few educated Langi which led to all the top government posts being filled by people from other tribes. This made all the Langi to envy other tribes. We are now totally convinced that should you follow to the letter what is stipulated in our document, herewith known as The Lango Development Plan, Lango shall rise and shine and, you shall be able to rule Uganda for at least 50 years!


Fundamental steps to be taken: Increase the number of schools in Lango and post in them highly educated teachers, we shall take it upon ourselves to fill the schools with pupils and students every year.

We must ensure that Langi are made Education Officers in order to equate the number of Acholi Education Officers, or even to supersede them.

We must not accept the Acholi to boast that they are cleverer than us, Langi. With immediate effect, send Langi students abroad on scholarships. We must ensure that vacancies are reserved for them in key government positions to deter people from other tribes being employed in such positions, such that our sons and daughters get employed immediately upon their return.

In the unlikely event, should an Acholi be employed in a key position, then he should not be boss to a Langi. Increase the number of industries and factories in Lango in order to boost our economic power.

We are well aware that this will cause the other districts to become jealousy of any developments in Lango, but this shall force the other regions to federate with us basing on our strong purchasing power base. The only serious opposition we might face is from the Acholi, especially should the number of industries in their region increase.

We would be grateful if the numbers of Langi were increased to supersede the Acholi, and we request that this be implemented as soon as possible. We foresee with dismay the danger of the Lugbara and Madi joining forces in order to topple your government.

yalinga writing and consulting ab

We therefore recommend that the following Langi army officers: Arach Metucela, Oboma Ayumu, Ogwang and Elyak, be promoted immediately in order to head the armed forces.

Should these recommendations delay to be implemented, we shall suffer heavily. We therefore make the following proposals in order to implement these recommendations: There is quite a considerable number of Acholi officers in the Police and Prisons forces who have served for quite a long time although they are not well educated.

You should promote these not so-intelligent elderly officers but not the young energetic intelligent Acholi. Langi youthful officers should be strategically put to work side by side with these Acholi elderly officers so that with time you weed out the Acholi and replace them with the Langi youthful officers.

The good in keeping the elderly Acholi officers is that they despise any advice from the youthful Acholi that could lead them to get ideas of toppling your government.

We should be wary of Idi Amin despite his being semi-illiterate because he can easily join hands with intelligent Lugbara who can plan to topple your government. We do not want that Acholi, Anywar, to be head of the Special Branch.

This post should be given to a Langi. We wish that all recruiting officers in all government departments are Langi.leadership & mngt--how to communicate in writing training course leadership & mangt--how to communicate verbally training course colregs & iala buoyage training course jowa ab jowa ag jowa ag-s jowa cleant oil jowa cleantoil jowa f jowa f jowa odme jowa smart odme jowa uv1 jowa uv-1 jowa uv-aterilizer, jowa uv3.

Bielsko-Biala, Poland; Machida, Japan; Izumo, Japan; San Jose, United States; Blida, Algeria. I would like to clarify something about the succession of a Kabaka of Buganda.

Yalinga Writing And Consulting Ab, Tulpangatan 53

No Kabaka has ever come from the Balangira clan. The Balangira clan is not composed of “Abalangira ba Mujaguzo” (the sons of a Kabaka) or “Abalangira ba Kanabba” (the sons of a prince).

Lule was elected to lead the various guerilla forces because they wanted to buy into Buganda support, and this was in March It was the turning point of that war. ESSENTIAL TRAVELS &TOURS.

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