U06a1 logic model and incidence reduction

This website of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation presents a series of Logic Models, developed by PIRE staff, for specific social problems involving alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.

U06a1 logic model and incidence reduction

Academic Computing Infrastructure Program Evaluation Academic computing is one major component of Information Technology infrastructure affecting the availability and utilization of technologies at universities.

U06a1 logic model and incidence reduction

The study here evaluated two different colleges at the University of Oregon in The study here evaluated two different colleges at the University of Oregon in comparison to a minimal logic model proposed here, the Support for Academic Computing Model SAC.

Based on the differences in IT needs and implementation of existing instructional technology services, the evaluation investigated the utility of the logic model and information regarding the two settings.

My hypothesis is that empirical evaluation studies based on a comparison with a base logic model for infrastructure needs across contexts may help to provide information to better align resources. Other information in the model evaluation allows more specific comparisons of gaps in areas such as access to resources, knowledge of and about resources, mission-driven need for resources, and some patterns.

Common themes that emerged from the faculty interviews are the need to showcase technology usage among colleagues, that services are not always well advertised, that technology may not be accessible or that there may be issues regarding limited or unclear funding for both support and resources that limits their use.

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This indicates that this style of a model might be helpful in planning and evaluating academic computing support programs and services. Future work would be needed to investigate the degree to which intervening according to the findings of such a model might be efficacious to improve the perceived quality of services or the usage patterns and outcomes, as well as the degree to which such a model could be generalized and evolve over time.The logic model is a tool that practitioners and evaluators are finding increasingly useful in explicating and presenting program theory for many purposes, as witnessed by the publication of user.

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Logic Model & Consumer Satisfaction Measures Data Form. Data Point in NIRS UCEDD Annual Report. Percentage of individuals in the community who reported satisfaction with the services and/or supports received related to employment, job choice, and career opportunities for IWDD.

U06a1 logic model and incidence reduction

A Logic Model is defined here as a means to describe the flow or interconnections between key variables which together contribute to a specific ATOD problem, for example, underage drinking or alcohol-involved traffic crashes, as well as a documentation of the best available research evidence.

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Channing Arndt, Andy McKay, and Finn Tarp Below are links to a few web resources that describe logic models and how to use them. Many others are available on the Internet by typing the words "logic model" into a search engine.
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