The key elements of benedicts monastic theology and practice

It was then that he wrote his Rule for Monks, and it outlines a life of work and prayer -- done for the glory of God. The second source for understanding Benedict is the biography by Pope Gregory the Great d.

The key elements of benedicts monastic theology and practice

What monastic principles are relevant for modern Christians who are not monks? The first key element of his monastic theology and practice was exactness and comprehensiveness.

Benedict knew that by following his monastic SOP, monks could overcome temptation and serve God without the need for bodily torment, as some monastic fathers endorsed. The third key element was order. Instead of nomadic monks wandering from one place to the next, he asserted that the monastic life better suited the ascetic lifestyle.

Benedict also prescribed a daily regimen for monastic monks, including praise, reading, and manual labor, that brought a sense of predictability and discipline to asceticism.

The key elements of benedicts monastic theology and practice

This regimen, coupled with his monastic SOP, encouraged accountability for monks living within a monastery, which further fostered daily discipline. He also established a hierarchy within monasteries resembling that of a Roman military unit, which fit extremely well into the intent of monastic order.

When retreating from society, even for a brief period, one is able to be quiet, alone, and communicate with God on an intimate basis. Even sacrificing basic comforts can be spiritually rewarding. For me, these difficult times spent without many comforts brought me closer to God out of both necessity and strength, such as the times I was deployed to Iraq.

He figured out early on that discipline, coupled with accountability from fellow Christians, can have a much more profound effect on spiritual growth and maturity than going it alone.

Many influential Christian leaders, including Billy Graham, knew the profound benefit of accountability in their daily lives, and utilized it to maintain their sanctity.

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The Monastic Life With the increase of Christian persecution and criticism throughout the world today, a normal reaction would be to follow in the footsteps of Benedict of Nursia, withdraw from society, and embrace the monastic life.

(1) After continued discussion with some of my brothers I am inquisitive to what are some of the key elements of St. Benedicts' monastic theology and practice? A brief historical review shows that the place and location where Benedict wrote the Rule has not been determined.

LONNI COLLINS PRATT and FR. DANIEL HOMAN, OSB, also collaborated on the bestselling Benedict's Way: An Ancient Monk's Insights for a Balanced Collins Pratt, an award-winning journalist and author, lives with her family in Michigan and leads retreats and workshops throughout the country on the principles of Radical Hospitality.

The key elements of benedicts monastic theology and practice

Some Christians, notably Roman Catholics, view Mariology as a key component of Christology. In this view, not only is Mariology a logical and necessary consequence of Christology, but without it, Christology is incomplete, since the figure of Mary contributes to a .

The Key Elements of Benedict's Monastic Theology and Practice. words.

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