The beauty of life

Good for DVDs and downloads. I am a Protestant, but I admire the beauty of the other two major divisions in Christianity Orthodoxy and Catholicism. If I lived in a big city near a major Orthodox or Catholic cathedral that really did things well, I would visit services just to soak in the beauty of the buildings, the atmosphere, the music, and everything else.

The beauty of life

But many environmental psychologists they study the psychological effects of natural and built environments on humans have shown empirically that spending time in nature has real psychological benefits.

For example, if you decide to take a walk, forget the treadmill. Do it on a nature trail insteadand a better mood and greater viability, less frustration and lower mental distress may be your rewards.

Several environmental psychology research studies have shown that people who score high on this scale also report greater concern for the environment as well as greater happiness and social acceptance.

But a study published in June this year in the Journal of Environmental Psychology suggests that cognitive connectedness to nature may not be sufficient in itself to produce important psychological well-being outcomes such as satisfaction in life.


Do you get a lump in your throat when you see a flock of birds flying in unison? Do you feel awe and wonder when you see a massive redwood tree? Do you get a sense of love for the entire world when you find a beautiful flower in the woods?

Previous research has found that those of us who perceive natural beauty and are emotionally aroused by it also tend to experience greater life satisfaction and less materialism.

So now we know that endorsing greater connectedness with nature and engaging with natural beauty are both associated with greater psychological well-being and environmental conservation. But do we need both to reap the psychological benefits?

Life is Beautiful Quotes

Campanula punctata spotted bellflower is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the bellflower family. The flowers and leaves are edible according to Wiki. I just think the spotted bell is so pretty. The researchers also controlled for personality traits openness, agreeableness, extraversion conscientiousness, and neuroticismage and gender.

Who perceives beauty in nature? This is one reason why the researchers had to control for age and gender in their analyses. However, more connectedness to nature did NOT predict greater life satisfaction overall.

This means that we report significantly greater life satisfaction only if we feel more connected to nature and feel awe at natural beauty. Graph reproduced visually from Zhang et al. My big question at the end of reading this study is: Or do we all have a certain awe for natural beauty that some of us forget or lose at some point?

There might be complicated relationships between connectedness with nature, perception of natural beauty and satisfaction with life.Life quotes Beautiful quotes Positivity quotes Beauty quotes Positive Life quotes Amazing Life quotes Everything is beautiful when we drape the world around us with colors of kindness and helpfulness, love and a helping hand.

So with this said, I challenge you to get lost in it, all of it, this is the only way you can live the most fulfilling life possible.

The beauty of life

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The following quotes on beauty give a wide spectrum of areas where beauty lies.

The beauty of life

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