Senior project research paper topics

Effect of alcohol, Tabaco, and marijuana on a human body. The most controversial issues of birth control. How can research help cure AIDS?

Senior project research paper topics

2014 Senior Research Projects

The Senior Capstone Experience moves students away from departmentalized learning toward a more interdisciplinary approach. This approach is one which allows students to use a variety of skills in the areas of writing, speaking, research, and documentation.

Upon completion of the Senior Capstone Experience, students have learned more about their topics, their community, and, most importantly, about themselves. Students then present their proposals to a teacher panel.

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The members of these panels will ask the students questions to help clarify the proposals. Along with secondary sources, students are required to use primary sources.

Students conduct interviews, read research, prepare reports, and complete self-evaluations as part of the writing process. Mentors work with students during this phase of the Senior Capstone Experience. Student work such as the research paper, the mentor log, and the work log are also included.

Judges read the portfolios before presentations begin to formulate questions which they will ask students during the presentation.

Students are required to speak to a panel of judges and then are required to answer questions from those judges. Community members serve as panel judges.Each resident must design and carry out a research project with the assistance of a faculty mentor.

Senior project research paper topics

This research project is the basis for a presentation as a PGY-4 at the department's Annual Residents' Research Seminar. Sep 11,  · 8 Senior Project Topics to Change the World 0. By Nicole Einbinder on July 10, writing and research skills gained throughout their high school careers, while also finishing this chapter of their lives by enhancing their personal growth or strengthening the community at large.

Use the senior project to make a difference and become. Good senior research paper topics allow students to explore ideas in an in-depth manner and to display proficiencies in critical thinking, essay writing, and organization of thoughts, argument and ideas.

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• Research and write an academic research paper on a topic of personal interest. • Create a product, activity, or visual aid with assistance of a mentor. • Maintain a portfolio of the process.

VRABE Senior Project Course Teacher/Student Distribution List of Successful Project Topics The following is a partial list of successful Project Topics and the formats they were presented in.

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A more complete list of topics follows this list, without formats, on page. project Starting a Business Research Paper Bookkeeping How To Keep.

Before you graduate from high school, you must be looking at writing a research paper. Read through different senior research paper topics given in the article below to find the right inspiration.

Senior Research Paper Topics