Risk assessment research paper

March 22, UsefulResearchPapers Research Papers 0 Human life became very controversial and speedy for the last decades.

Risk assessment research paper

Risk assessment research paper

March 22, writer Research Papers 0 Human life became very controversial and speedy for the last decades. This high velocity of nowadays has numerous advantages, such as developing science and technologies. However, contemporary lifestyle brings some definite weaknesses.

One of the most serious problems of modern world is posed by the increased percentage of various risks in our life. Risk is the phenomenon that occurs rather often. Every field of human activity is exposed to risk to more or less extent.

In everyday life people are always facing situations when appropriate decisions should be made concerning various risks. Of no doubt, the spheres related to medicine and health are subjected to numerous types of risks more than others. Thus, the attention paid to medicine and healthcare risks can never be too intense.

Risks may appear on several major levels, such as organizational macro-leveland individual micro-level.

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In the present paper we will analyze the Risk assessment research paper and risk-related factors on the individual level. One of the most significant processes related to risks is risk assessment. It is not easy to accurately evaluate the degree of risk in every particular case.

This process is essential, however, for decisions that person may take concerning risks they face. Let us illustrate the sketchy situation. The patient turns to a doctor in order to find out more about his illness and to determine an appropriate treatment.

The doctor may offer several types of treatment with different effectiveness, side effects, and consequences. Who must decide what type of treatment to take?

Of course the patient must decide for himself, as he is the only one who is fully responsible for his health and life. On the other hand, doctor has some serious responsibilities as well.

The doctor must accurately and clearly explain what every type of treatment brings. As for every treatment program is related to different degree of various kinds of risks, the doctor must inform the patient objectively and specifically about them.

Hence, the processes of risk assessment, description and explanation are vital for the patient decision-making. Therefore, the experience of healthcare system and medicine science on this sphere is vast. The studies and theories of risk of medical intervention and patient decision-making are very useful in such situations.

However, every case remains individual as for every patient is a unique person with his original story. Thus it is of great importance to provide the patient with adequate information about probable risk, to evaluate the consequences accurately, and to help the patient to make proper decision in order to make the optimal choice about his health and as a result quality of life.

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Let us try to consistently and carefully analyze these factors. First of all we should determine what is risk. Various theorists determine risk differently. Another definition of the Yates describes risk as a possibility of some form of loss.

To me personally the latter definition of risk is the most capacious and accurate.

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To sum up all these definitions, we will have the description of risk as a probability of occurrence of some unwanted event that may lead to some form of loss and bring some degree of uncertainty about the future and the quality of life.

Although this combination of different definitions of risk may seem rather cumbersome, it reflects the description of risk quite accurately. Indeed risk always is related to loss, whether it is loss of life, vision, or comfort.Risk Management Assessment Paper Ebonie Franks Advance the processes of risk assessment and risk management by research that reduces uncertainties" (Johnson, ).

One typical risk of the Department of Health and Human Services would be someone giving out personally identifiable information. Because the Department of Health and Human. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Risk Assessment Paper.

Risk assessment research paper

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