Presidential selection in the united states essay

Results[ edit ] Results by county explicitly indicating the percentage of the winning candidate in each county. Shades of blue are for Jefferson Democratic-Republican and shades of yellow are for Adams Federalist. Tennessee was admitted into the United States after the election, increasing the Electoral College to electors.

Presidential selection in the united states essay

See Article History Alternative Title: James —88and first vice president —97 and second president — of the United States.

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Although Adams was regarded by his contemporaries as one of the most significant statesmen of the revolutionary era, his reputation faded in the 19th century, only to ascend again during the last half of the 20th century. The modern edition of his correspondence prompted a rediscovery of his bracing honesty and pungent way with words, his importance as a political thinker, his realistic perspective on American foreign policyand his patriarchal role as founder of one of the most prominent families in American history.

For a discussion of the history and nature of the presidency, see presidency of the United States of America. Adams, JohnAn overview of John Adams.

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Key events in the life of John Adams. His father was only a farmer and shoemaker, but the Adams family could trace its lineage back to the first generation of Puritan settlers in New England. A local selectman and a leader in the communityDeacon Adams encouraged his eldest son to aspire toward a career in the ministry.

In keeping with that goal, Adams graduated from Harvard College in For the next three years, he taught grammar school in WorcesterMassachusetts, while contemplating his future. He eventually chose law rather than the ministry and in moved back to Braintree, then soon began practicing law in nearby Boston.

Intelligent, well-read, vivaciousand just as fiercely independent as her new husband, Abigail Adams became a confidante and political partner who helped to stabilize and sustain the ever-irascible and highly volatile Adams throughout his long career.

The letters between them afford an extended glimpse into their deepest thoughts and emotions and provide modern readers with the most revealing record of personal intimacy between husband and wife in the revolutionary era.

Colonel Warren returned last week to Plymouth, so that I shall not hear anything from you until he goes back again, which will not be till the last of this month.

He damped my spirits greatly by telling me that the court had prolonged your stay another month. I was pleasing myself with the thought that you would soon be upon your return.

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It is in vain to repine. I hope the public will reap what I sacrifice. Their first child, Abigail Amelia, was born in Their first son, John Quincyarrived two years later. Two other sons, Thomas Boylston and Charles, followed shortly thereafter.

Another child, Susanna, did not survive infancy. Intensely combative, full of private doubts about his own capacities but never about his cause, Adams became a leading figure in the opposition to the Townshend Actswhich imposed duties on imported commodities i.

Despite his hostility toward the British government, in Adams agreed to defend the British soldiers who had fired on a Boston crowd in what became known as the Boston Massacre.

His insistence on upholding the legal rights of the soldiers, who in fact had been provoked, made him temporarily unpopular but also marked him as one of the most principled radicals in the burgeoning movement for American independence.

He had a penchant for doing the right thing, most especially when it made him unpopular. John Adams served as the defense lawyer, and only two men were convicted; they were released after their thumbs were branded.

Early life

Library of Congress, Washington, D. W Continental Congress In the summer ofAdams was elected to the Massachusetts delegation that joined the representatives from 12 of 13 colonies in Philadelphia at the First Continental Congress.The Effect of Third Party Candidates in Presidential Elections Although citizens of the United States have the opportunity to vote for many different offices at the national, state, and local levels, the election of the president of the United States every four years is the focal point of the.

On Sunday, the Associated Press’ Mark Sherman reported that, in , Kavanaugh expressed reservations about the Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Nixon, the Nixon tapes case. The Presidential Election The election of was one of the largest landslide victories by a presidential candidate in United States history.

President Nixon was reelected to the presidency by beating Senator George McGovern of South Dakota in an impressive victory.

Franklin Roosevelt: He is the only president of the US who served four terms in office; he worked hard to end the Great Depression. He revived the economy through Wall Street, Banks, and Transportation.

The industrial economy grew and created jobs in all kinds of different areas. He led the United States during most of World War II. Tennessee was admitted into the United States after the election, increasing the Electoral College to electors.

Under the system in place prior to the ratification of the Twelfth Amendment, electors were to cast votes for two persons.

Presidential selection in the united states essay

Both votes were for president; the runner-up in the presidential race was elected vice-president. - The United States presidential election of was the 57th presidential election. The election was held on Tuesday, November 6, The Democratic political leader was the incumbent President Barack Obama, and his candidate was vice President Joe Biden.

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