Plan the event event management management essay

No matter what the event — corporate, sporting, entertainment or otherwise — this programme provides the knowledge and skills to make it a successful one. Programme Aims and Objectives Anyone who sets about organising an event faces a myriad of logistical, financial, operational and communications challenges. On completion of the programme, students should have acquired the skills to:

Plan the event event management management essay

Set a Date The date might already be pre-set for a recurring event, but if this is a new event, be sure to consider the following before firming up your date: Give yourself enough time!

Your event has to have a date and location nailed down before you can begin advertising, so this task needs to be completed as early in the planning period as possible. Planning an event right now? Download our Event Planning Checklist here.

Brand Your Event If you want your event to stand out, you need to choose a timely and compelling theme that sets you apart from your competition.

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This means that you need to come up with a dynamic overall theme and you need to take great care with the actual name — since it can be a key attention-getter, especially in online media. When you are brainstorming the event name, think about: The final step will be having a logo created to represent your event.

A logo can be an effective branding tool — offering immediate recognition of your event in all of your publicity and promo items e. Once you have your name, tagline, and logo, use it in all of your marketing collateral!

A catchy or pithy tagline can be invaluable on social media when used as a hashtag. Create a Master Plan: This plan should encompass all aspects of the event, including: Registration online sign-up, payment and tracking; on-site sign-in, etc.

Include when any permits or insurance policies need to be submitted, when registration ends, and a timeline of the day-of. Determine Administrative Processes In other words, how are you going to keep track of your planning, registration, budget, guest and speakers lists, etc.?

If your website or membership database is not powered by Wild Apricot, you may want to determine how to best organize and track all of your event information. You could review event management software tools through a directory, such as Capterra.

When you involve other people or groups in your event, they have a stake in helping spread the word and making the event a success. You might want to consider: This can range from national organizations that might want to sponsor a dinner, offer a door prize or a key silent auction item, to local businesses that might be able to provide goods or services, such as flowers for the tables, gift bag items, etc.

Create a Publicity Plan Even with the most amazing speaker or entertainment line-up, you need publicity to get people in the door. Event promotion starts with the initial notice or page on your website, note in your newsletter or email to save the date, and then builds to include online and off-line publicity, media relations and on-going outreach to encourage registration.

For details on promotion, check out the Event Promotion Guide. Establish a Budget Your budget should incorporate estimates for all of the key items identified on your Event Master Plan.

Plan the event event management management essay

Determine Evaluation Process How will you determine if your event is a success? Do you measure success by the number of registrants or attendees or is it dependent on you breaking even or raising a target amount in donations?

Plan the event event management management essay

When you set your initial event goals and objectives, you should also consider how you will evaluate the event to determine your success.Structure. The programme is delivered with a strong practical emphasis on event management and public relations – the lecturers have been involved in the event industry for over a decade and continue to work in the sector.

Events Planning and Management will help students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the processes involved in event planning and management, through academic reading, case studies and practical experience. Imagine you have been asked to write an essay on any event in US or European history.

You choose the topic, write a good essay, submit it and fail to get the highest, what’s the problem? Your essay has no mistakes, it does have a coherent structure, introduction, and conclusion.

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Event manager is a person of vision, energy, and commitment in a position of responsibility and authority. An event manager plays. Event management is made up of a number of management areas including planning, leading, marketing design, control and budgeting, risk management, logistics, staging and evaluation (Bowdin, Allen, O’Toole, Harris, McDonnell, ).The project management is very vital to an event as it is the purpose of creating the unique event.

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