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Sinking of the ship[ edit ] Fernando Pereira, a photographer who was trapped and drowned in the sinking ship French agents posing as interested supporters or tourists toured the ship while it was open to public viewing. Cabon "was no ordinary lieutenant After sufficient information had been gathered, Camas and Kister attached two limpet mines to the Rainbow Warrior berthed at Marsden Wharf. They were detonated 10 minutes apart.

My ship

His arranging style was like no other arranger around. Miles had an uncanny ability for choosing the best people to extend his sound and vocabulary, and Gil Evans might have done more to contribute to that legacy than anyone.

Always keep in mind the setting you are writing for. Playing this in a club is certainly doable, but takes ALOT of control in the brass section,and mics are certainly needed for woodwinds. Brookmeyer was influenced by Gil for sure as were thousands of others of course!

My ship

A dense few measures may be followed by a simple line at the octave. Notice how the dissonance finally resolves to a simple C chord just before the melody of the tune begins.

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A french horn is the only brass instrument included in the standard woodwind quintet. You will definitely want to expand this to full screen, and study it over and over. Play it on the piano, and let this thing soak into your psyche. A class member, Fredo Vollmer, took the time to input this excerpt into Finale and make it available to everyone.

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My ship

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© mission is to discover new generation of professional seafarers. like Neptune’s trident has three dentes (teeth) that represent seafarers of all nationalities, crew companies from around the world and all ships in one social networking website. "My Ship" is a popular song written for the Broadway musical Lady in the Dark, with music by Kurt Weill and lyrics by Ira Gershwin.

The music is marked "Andante espressivo"; Gershwin describes it as "orchestrated by Kurt to sound sweet and simple at times, mysterious and menacing at other".Composer: Kurt Weill. As a side note, Ator, the Fighting Eagle is the first film in the Ator series. The second, Cave Dwellers, is already a classic MST3K episode.

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