Important events in 1850

Louis, Missouri a slave state Slavery was illegal in some states and territories Harriet and Dred Scott therefore lived and were rented as slaves in states and territories where slavery was illegal according to the state laws, the terms of the Northwest Ordinance and the provisions of the Missouri Compromise. Dred Scott sues for Freedom Dred Scott attempted to sue for his freedom because he had been taken by his owners to free states and territories. Dred Scott for kids: The Hiring-out System Whilst Dred Scott and his wife Harriet were forced to move from one location to the next they were often temporarily leased out, or rented, to 'hirers' under the Hiring-out System.

Important events in 1850

Economy[ edit ] The United States Census collected a great amount of data that gave insight into the state of the U. Some of the data revealed the growth of the economy with regards to agricultural and manufactured production, international trade, federal debt, taxation, transportation, education, and land expansion.

Agricultural Production This census calculated the total land by state in square milesthe total production of major goods and livestock per state in respective unitsthe total value of each good produced, the total number of plantations per state, and various other statistics.

The total agricultural production between in was calculated at about 1. Manufactured Production This census included the total manufactured production in dollarsthe total Important events in 1850 of capital invested, the total value of wages paid, the percent of profit by state and totalthe profit by state of major industries cotton, wool, various iron work, breweries, fishing, saltand other less significant statistics.

Total manufactured production was valued at just over one billion dollars. This is a great increase over the totals estimated in and International Trade The census contains the total value of imports and exports by state, statistics and names of the major imports and exports, the total values of shipping by state, and the value of imports and exports with various individual countries.

The United States traded most with the United Kingdom. The imports and exports with the United Kingdom were both valued around million dollars. Federal Debt This census contains yearly federal debt totals, total federal revenues, and total expenditures from to The total debt of the United States on July 1,was roughly Taxation The census contains some calculation of total annual federal taxes, but it is incomplete.

It does however, give state taxation totals. Transportation and Communication This census calculates the total cost, size, and quantity of railroads and canals. The funded debt for railroads and canals in was million.

Their gross earnings were more than 38 million dollars. This census also contains estimates for growth in mileage of telegraphic lines in the United States. Education This census displays the advances of the United States in education and literacy by documenting the number of libraries, the number of schools public, private, and collegesstate literacy rates, the total newspaper production and consumption, the educational levels of differing races, the total value of tuition costs, the amount of federal land given for education, and other various statistics.

Land Expansion The census shows the great amount of territorial expansion that took place in the United States, following the Admission of Texas, the Oregon Treaty, and the Treaty with Mexico. These three pieces of land totaled an addition of more than a million square miles to the nation.

Significance The United States Census can be seen as a historical document that gives insight into the state of the nation's economy in It is much more detailed and provides more information than the census. This census was during a very important period of growth and innovation in the United State, the Industrial Revolution.

Important events in 1850

The statistics in this census provide data on the rate of growth that was taking place inthat would lead to the emergence of the United States as an economic world power. Many of the statistics were compared to those of Great Britain and other world powers.

This shows where the United States stood economically relative to the rest of the world.Living History Farms is an interactive outdoor museum which educates, entertains and connects people of all ages to Midwestern rural life experiences. Research Material Needed.

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