How do you write as well as in a sentence

Moreover, the illustration paragraph helps writers become more analytical in a fully developed and focused way. This element can be anything, such as a specific place, a specific thing, a person, a subject, a job, an animal, etc. The following format and two examples of an illustration paragraph provide a helpful tool for writers to follow.

How do you write as well as in a sentence

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Yes, I don't see any problem with the sentence construction. Taking another example that uses "as well as" in the same way: Training is done to improve the personal knowledge quotient of the staff as well as to enhance the average quality of service by the office.

Before you start writing the get well card, think about your relationship with the person and how well you know him or her. Here are some specifics on the tone you should use: Close relative: If the person is in your immediate family, you probably know what to write.

Feb 24,  · A teacher once told me that I should never use a comma before "as well as" -- for instance, To better serve you, [If the "as well as" phrase occurs with an interrupting clause in the middle of a sentence, do . A paragraph should always have complete, correct, and concise sentences. As well it should be easy to read and well organized. The paragraph itself should focus on one subject, theme, or central idea. Although, in order to understand what a paragraph is and how to write one, you need to know how a paragraph is constructed. Elements Of A. Still, if you can’t write a sentence, you can’t write, and too many of today’s students just can’t write sentences. Many graduate without that fundamental skill. A few years ago I argued in this Pope Center article for a new kind of college writing course where the central point is sentence clarity and readability.

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It’s arduous to consciously think about each and every sentence you write in a hundred word article. However, you can pour energy into every sentence inside the opening and closing paragraphs.

Well damn! You knocked it out of the park again.

how do you write as well as in a sentence

I. As Well As Comma. Brittney Ross. Basics. The sentence above means that you should proofread for both spelling and grammatical errors. You can also use as well as to make a simple comparison. I don’t sing as well as Adele does. This sentence means that Adele sings better than I do. The Complete Sentence Recognize a complete sentence when you see one.

A complete sentence has three characteristics: First, it begins with a capital letter.

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