History of taxation in nigeria

Some of these countries include the UK, France.

History of taxation in nigeria

Take a look at the history of taxation in Nigeria. Find out how Nigeria earned its money and place in history! A tax comes from the Latin taxo! Taxes can be direct and indirect.

History of taxation in nigeria

It is possible to pay taxes by money or labor. Most countries have a system of taxes that helps them to sustain and develop.

There are even countries who pay taxes to their citizens. History of Taxation in Nigeria till date Taxation Beginning There was no formal tax policy in Nigeria until the s. Only traditional rulers had the authority to collect taxes and use them however they wanted.

These rulers managed to create their own system of taxes. However, none of them managed to survive long enough to be printed in books of history.

Northern Nigeria — History and Development of Taxation Before the colonization period in Nigeria, the tax system was traced to the Northern parts of the country. The Emirs created a system of taxes throughout the north.

The basis for the taxation was the Islamic Religion. The Southern part of the country was not as organized as the North. Therefore, the South did not have the centralized system of taxation.

According to the historical data, the parts of Nigeria that were under the Islam taxation had several forms of taxes: It was gathered for educational, religious and spiritual purposes. Colonization Period Looking at the history of taxation in Nigeria, the beginning of the colonization period was connected with various trading posts and companies in the West Africa.

The British Empire tried to fight for economic dominance in the region. As a result, the GB exploited the resources and people of Africa. In the midth century, the GB was mainly interested in opening the markets in Nigeria. These markets also included the slave trade.

Several colony powers tried to implement their taxation rates on traders. The British Empire eventually secured Nigeria and started to implement its own taxes.

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The formal British administration in Nigeria began in In that time, Lagos was named the crown colony of the region. Even with the formal administration, taxation was not centralized.

How many tribes in Nigeria? Lord Lugard was a British colonial administrator in Nigeria. He tried to harmonize and centralize the tax system in Nigeria.

As a result, he implemented the Stamp Duties Proclamation in This proclamation was followed by the Native Revenue Proclamation in The Native Revenue Proclamation was created to harmonize the taxes.Taxation In Nigeria and History of Taxation In Nigeria.

A tax in Nigeria is a compulsory levy imposed by the Federal Government of Nigeria on individuals and corporate entities in respective of return of service expected from the government. History Of Taxation In Nigeria. History of Accounting in Nigeria The institutionalization of Accounting started in Britain, from where Accounting was imported to timberdesignmag.com the preindependence period, in Nigeria, especially before the establishment of the Collages of Arts and Sciences (particularly the one in Ibadan), people who wanted to enroll into accounting profession had to be trained.

The Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria is the professional certified tax administrators in Nigeria. CITN was formed by the government for the purpose of training and educated professionals. A short history of TAXATION. share article: 2 October Beards, boots, beehives, candles, nuts, hats, horses, chimneys, water – Tsar Peter taxed them all.

But he is still styled ‘The Great’ in modern histories of Russia, perhaps because of the mighty works his taxes produced. This is the eternal fate of taxation: to be the abused or. The history of taxation in Nigeria can be traced to the Northern part of Nigeria where there was a reasonably systematic form of taxation during the early years and this was due to the fact that the Emirs had a more organized system of administration unlike in the other parts of the country.

The Islamic religion also preached stringent. A History of Taxation. A copy of "A History of Taxation" is also available in pdf format. "A History of Taxation" Taxes are considered a problem by everyone.

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