Guide on preparing obu research

After opening the barrel, Thousand Sunny gets thrown into the foggy Florian Triangle where it encounters a ruined ship and a skeleton man named Brook, whom Luffy immediately asks to join the crew. He also tells of having his shadow stolen, and thus cannot be out in open sunlight.

Guide on preparing obu research

Her partner is Hanten Shiranui.

Guide on preparing obu research

The leader of the Not Equals, Ajimu has been absent for three years after being sealed by Misogi Kumagawa. Contents [ show ] Personality Ajimu has a mysterious personality, speaking cryptically and explaining very little.

Zenkichi Hitoyoshi does not recognize nor remember her; she claims that because her face was ripped off, she is nobody. She seems to care for Medaka, as she refers to her with a familiar tone, and tells Zenkichi not to make her cry anymore.

Ajimu seems to exist in the hearts of both Zenkichi and Kumagawa.

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Each time Kumagawa dies, he encounters her in his heart before he can revive himself with his All Fiction. Most of the time Ajimu is laid-back as she is mostly seen smiling.

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But inside she has some dark traits similar to a regular Minus. Unlike Kumagawa however, she seems to have developed this personality due to how incredible her own abilities are, as opposed to the Minuses, who develop this mindset due to being failures at everything they try.

In this vein, Ajimu labels herself as one of the Not Equals, as both Pluses and Minuses are the same in her eyes. Ajimu frequently breaks the fourth wall; she is aware that she is a character in a manga, knows how many volumes of the series have currently been released thirteen at the timeand even knows that an anime adaption of Medaka Box is in production.

Ajimu is a very pretty girl, causing Zenkichi to blush the first time he saw her, [5] and even Kumagawa speculates that he fell in love with her because of her looks. In the dream world, Ajimu appears as she did in middle school: She also wears two pink wrist bands and thigh high black socks.

Her name is written on her shoes.

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When Ajimu makes her appearance in the physical world, her outfit changes drastically. She wears more traditional Japanese clothing; a white top with a red lining and bottom, as well as sandals.

Her hair is white, and she wears red ribbons instead of yellow.


When dressed casually, Ajimu wears a roomy shirt that exposes her shoulders, a short skirt, and a wristlet on her left arm. She changes into an old-fashioned, long-sleeved school uniform with a long ribbon about the collar.

She wears a skirt matching the ribbon, as well as thigh high socks.

Guide on preparing obu research

When in the academy Tea Room, Ajimu wears a flower-patterned kimono. Five thousand years ago, Ajimu wore a knee-length toga that bared her right shoulder, along with a belt.


She also wore wristlets, a necklace, and different ribbons in her hair. Five thousand years ago, Iihiko Shishime became the first man Ajimu could not win against. In trying to attain a certain goal, Ajimu fought and lost against Iihiko at least one hundred million times, despite using all her skills and being aided by other Not Equals she had created.

Eventually, Ajimu achieved her goal by simply avoiding him.Guide on Preparing Obu – Research & Analysis Project. Part 1 – The Beginning In preparing for the OBU Research & Analysis Project, Most students spend a lot of time wondering as to what exactly the Research & Analysis Project (RAP) is all about.

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