Essay on life without plants

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Essay on life without plants

The lower forms are unicellular, but the plants of higher forms are multicellular and become differentiated into organs resembling root, stem and leaves Fig.

The algae are used as food Laminaria, Alaria, Durvillea etc. The large algae are called Kelp Macrocystis pyrifera, more than 60 metres in length.

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Some fungi are destructive in nature, cause diseases of plants brown spot of rice, late blight of potato caused famine in Bengal and Ireland, respectively. Some of them are very useful, as they yield valuable drugs Penicillin from Penicillium notatum and P.

Some are useful to increase the soil fertility by adding nitrogen through fixation of atmospheric nitrogen.

These are specialised organisms, composed of algae and fungi Fig. They live together in a close symbiotic association. The algal partner is capable of manufacturing food and, on the other hand, the fungus helps in absorption and retention of water. Lichens are used as food, fodder and in the manufacture of soap, dyes, perfumes etc.

The plant body of bryophytes is thailoid Riccia, Marchantia etc. Starting from Algae up to Bryophytes, the dominating plant body is gametophyte i.

It is the highest group of cryptogams. Starting from Pteridophyte onwards, the dominating plant body is sporophytic 2n. They possess well- differentiated vascular system — for that they are called vascular cryptogams. They generally grow in moist and shady places. Members, like Marsilea and some ferns Ampelopteris prolifera etc.

The cone of Lycopodium is used in the production of an useful homeopathic medicine, named as Lycopodium. The phanerogamia sub-kingdom is further divided into two divisions: In addition to the above characteristics, they also produce flowers and seeds.

These are naked-seeded plants, i. Most of the plants are big trees Fig. The group is economically important: As a good source of timber. Some are used in the manufacture of paper, ink, etc. The valuable medicine ephedrine is prepared from Ephedra.

Like Pteridophytes, the fossil members contribute fossil fuels like coal, lignite, etc. These are closed-seeded plants, i. This group is further divided into two classes: The class Dicotyledons comprises of the plants having two cotyledons or seed- leaves, e.

A world without plants | Essay Example

Water Absorption in Plants: The force for this type of water absorption originates in the aerial parts of the plant due to loss of water in transpiration. This creates a tension or low water potential of several atmospheres in the xylem channels.

Creation of tension in the xylem channels of the plant is evident from: Root hairs function as tiny osmotic systems. Each root hair has a thin permeable cell wall, a semi-permeable cytoplasm and an osmotically active cell sap present in the central vacuole. Because of the latter a root hair cell has a water potential of -3 to -8 bars.

Water potential of the soil water is. As a result water of the soil passes into the root hair cell. However, water does not pass into its vacuole. Instead it passes into apoplast and symplast of cortical, endodermal and pericycle cells and enter the xylem channels passively because of the very low water potential due to tension under which water is present in them, caused by transpiration in the aerial parts.One of the oldest forms of life on Earth are Plants.

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They have been part of life much before the arrival of human beings on the planet. Man has depended on the plants for his survival from times immemorial so much so that plants have become an integral part of human beings. Essay on life without plants. Essay comparison topic grade 6 structure of english essay epq writing university history essays online essay junk food tax debate.

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A world without plants | Essay Example

The critique essay kangaroos research paper london coat con capital punishment essay not essay english story computer technology. Below is an essay on "A World With No Plants" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Why There Would Be No People Without Plants Plants are the most important natural resources. Life on Earth depends on plants, algae and fungi. For humanity, all seven billion of us, they are the major source of food, clothing, shelter and medicine.

Here is your paragraph on Life without Plants! Introduction: One of the most valuable natural resources is plants. There would be no life on earth without plants. The earth is fortunate to have. Without plants, the playgrounds, lawns and gardens would be mere solid ground.

The cattle will die because of lack of plantation to eat.

Essay on life without plants

The cows, buffalos, goats etc. depend heavily on the plants and leaves for their nutrition, which if not given will result in the death of the aforementioned.

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