Brazil laws and regulations business plan

Companies from around the globe are expanding existing operations into Brazil, and some are even starting new ventures here. More than nine different types of corporate entities may be used in Brazil. The Brazilian Civil Code and local laws detail the type of business entity permitted.

Brazil laws and regulations business plan

Brazil - Import Requirements and Documentation |

Depending on the product, Brazilian authorities may require more documentation. Such products can only be imported and sold in Brazil if the foreign company establishes a local Brazilian manufacturing unit or local office, or the foreign company appoints a Brazilian distributor who is authorized by the Brazilian authorities to import and distribute medical products.

brazil laws and regulations business plan

More details about documentation can be found at the website https: Documentation The entry of several imported products to Brazil is subject to permission issued by the respective Brazilian authorities that regulate the entry and commercialization of these goods. Goods that require an import license require approval from one or more of 16 authorities, composed mainly of ministries or regulatory agencies.

Usually, these licenses must be requested by a branch of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade MDIC before the shipment, but in certain cases they can be obtained after the shipment of goods, but prior to customs clearance.

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brazil laws and regulations business plan

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EPA Collaboration with Brazil Brazil’s size (the 5th largest country in the world and the largest in Latin America), large population, and high levels of economic growth and urbanization make Brazil a priority country for U.S. environmental cooperation.

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