An overview of the information by the specialist music press and the music magazine

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An overview of the information by the specialist music press and the music magazine

List of magazines in South Africa South Africa has a very robust magazine industry with an estimated locally published titles available; imported magazines add to this number considerably.

The industry's annual turnover in was estimated to be about R 1. As could be expected from South Africa's recent history, its magazine market is still characterised by definite differences in the readership of magazines amongst the country's different race groups.

A decline in traditional mass consumer magazine titles versus the growth of specialist titles also characterises the industry, as does the growth of magazines specifically aimed at black South Africans, such as Drum.

Mar 13,  · The data are consistent with other evidence that health care systems are beginning to converge, as information and technologies spread around the world among doctors and administrators. Communications or public relations specialists may handle public relations, information output, press releases and media requests, social media and/or advertising for a wide variety of organizations. For example, once a prominent fixture on newsstands, Spin magazine is now only available online. The Internet has also allowed music enthusiasts to cover the industry You get the chance to interview your favorite music artists. Everyone wants press coverage, so you can count on plenty of free promos and invitations to after-parties and.

Naspers is the dominant player in the mass consumer magazine sector and sells about two thirds of all the magazines read in South Africa, including imported magazines.

The Afrikaans language family magazine Huisgenoot has the largest circulation of any South African magazine and is followed by You, its English language version; these two magazines have a combined circulation of almost one million copies a week.

Fair Lady and Sarie are South Africa's largest selling English- and Afrikaans-language women's magazines, respectively.

An overview of the information by the specialist music press and the music magazine

In the trade and technical sector Primedia is the largest publisher. Books[ edit ] The book publishing industry in South Africa is relatively small, but it is nevertheless a key factor in its economy.

Among these are commercial publishers, university pressesnon-governmental organisations and one-person privately owned publishers. Of the publishers who are members of the PASA, about 12 are classified as large publishers, 7 as medium-sized publishers and the remaining as small publishers.

Books are published in all eleven official languages of South Africa as well as in some non-official and foreign languages. Works published include fiction, non-fiction, children's books, reference works as well as school and university textbooks.

Electronic publishing is also a growing segment of the publishing industry. While some publishers specialise in the type of books they produce for example textbooksthe majority of the large and medium publishers publish in several categories. There are also a number of book importers and distributors active in South Africa as the great majority of books sold in South Africa especially fiction are still imported, mostly from Britain and the United States.

This has resulted in relatively high prices being charged for books in comparison with the income of the average South African. The South African publishing industry employs about 3, people full-time, as well as many freelance workers. In addition, it is estimated that the South African publishing industry employs about 9, authors full- and part-timewho together earn an estimated R million in royalties annually.

The book-printing and bookselling are also largely dependent on this industry. Television[ edit ] This article's factual accuracy may be compromised due to out-of-date information. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. November Main article: Broadcast rights, especially for television, are issued by invitation only and only two independent television broadcasters have been permitted to operate up to now.

Broadcast licenses mandate percentages of local, community and educational content and broadcasters are required to include such content as a condition of their license.


All broadcasters are subject to the Broadcast Complaints Commission. Multichoice is the oldest provider of pay TV and satellite broadcasting in the country, with one terrestrial pay TV channel, M-Netand DStva digital satellite television network with over 55 local and international channels that broadcasts to over 2 million subscribers throughout Africa.

In November four new licenses were granted, from a total of 18 applications, for the operation of pay-TV services. This did not happen as only On succeeded in launching its Top TV service. Even Telkom Media which was supposed to operate satellite services as well as IPTV services such as video-on-demand, never took off and was subsequently sold to Shenzhen Media South Africa.

Infive FM radio stations broadcast, each to a particular language group. The content of the broadcasts ranged widely, over music, sports, religion, current affairs and drama. By the mid s another five languages had their own stations and four music-only regional, commercial broadcasters had been added to the FM network.

For example, there are about 4 radio stations available to Johannesburg listeners. South Africa's mass market station Lesedi FM broadcasts nationwide and is by far the most popular, appealing to Sesotho-speaking South Africans with 6.

Broadcasts range from the country-wide and regional radio stations of the state-owned and funded SABC to fully commercial privately owned stations to community stations that target specific cities, towns, neighbourhoods or ethnic groups. Approximately eighty community radio licenses have been issued, although a quarter of these are inoperative.

Internet and telecommunications[ edit ] Main article: Telecommunications in South Africa In comparison with the rest of Africa, this sector is fairly big and robust. However, it is dominated by the fixed line monopoly Telkomwhich has been criticised in recent years for hampering further growth.

An overview of the information by the specialist music press and the music magazine

Telephone and internet access is also available via mobile network operators, such as Vodacom and MTNbut is an even more expensive option.The Brag Magazine is Sydney's main street press music publication, distributed to hundreds of locations such as cafes, music stores, record shops and chains such as JB Hi-Fi.

• Regular contributor of album reviews syndicated after originally written for sister publication in Melbourne; Beat Social Media and . This is an alphabetical listing of notable printed and online music magazines.

Top 10 Music Magazines. 1. Alternative Press. This 30 year old publication provides all you need to know about underground music, musicians, reviews, and venues.

There are numerous ways of creating electronic music, and Electronic Musician is a magazine that covers them all, including synthesizers and keyboards. From music venues, show availabilities, and press and radio contacts to booking agents, band managers, and record labels, we've got it all right here for you to take advantage of.

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National and Statewide Music Press Contact Information. Music Week is roughly the UK equivalent of Billboard. It is a trade magazine for the music industry in the UK. It began in as Record Retailer and was named Music Week beginning in Through the years the publication has absorbed other competitors.

The magazine publishes a variety of music charts based on those compiled by Official Charts. Fact sheets on magazine advertising trends from yearly totals by ad category, trends in total ad revenue and ad pages, to annual rankings of the top 50 advertisers. Circulation Trends & Data Yearly circulation totals, subscription and single copy averages, circulation revenue .

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